Apr 8, 2010

Swimming it all through Therapy

Bob Monke loves playing golf with his friends. Who wouldn't be? He played a round of golf with his buddies, but he ended up giving up playing the game he loved the most. And that was last year. A year later, it's a whole different story. He just golfed yesterday, happily.

Monke made his way back to golfing through the exercise he gets at the water therapy school, Nye Legacy and with the help of his therapist, Stacey Buckley. Working out with few sets of routines aimed, twice a week at 7:30am, increases balance and cardiovascular function.

Kathy Kirby, Director of rehabilitation for Nye Senior Services said that the pool is constantly used during the day.

The swimming pool room has high ceilings and completely large. The Aqua tile floor and white tiles half way up the walls give the whole pool room a spa impact. The pool depth ranges from 4 feet to 4 1/2 feet, and a hand rail eliminates any pool jitter occurrence.

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